The following is a list of episodes for the series Civil County.

Season 1: 2012-2013Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
125px-Picnotav "The New Girl" October 21st 2012 101 1

Emily comes to a new school where she is bullied by the popular girls. Meanwhile, Tyler gets into a fight with Brad and, due to his cockiness, Tyler attempts to ignore the threats.

125px-Picnotav "Extra Credited" 28th October 2012 102 2

After realizing that Tyler is behind on almost every class, the school principal Mr. McPhee orders him to go to the local taekwando dojo and complete all the training there. Meanwhile, Mr. Gallsway uses Ben, who is currently taking Home Ec., to get closer to the teacher Miss Holland.

125px-Picnotav "Sluts Unite!" 4th November 2012 103 3

After the mayor of Civil County slips up on Jay Leno, feminists become enraged, though not all of the females of Civil County find the new feminist way acceptable

125px-Picnotav "Out of the Park" 11th November 2012 104 4

Charlie's father forces him to become a member of the Civil County's baseball team, despite his son's pleas. Kynan and the rest of the team trains him.

125px-Picnotav "Alakomprende" 18th November 2012 105 5

Derren Brown comes to Civil County and inspires the four boys to take up wizardry. Mr. Gallsway tries to relive his childhood.

125px-Picnotav "I'm Just Not the Biggest Fan" 25th November 2012 106 6

The parents of Civil County are under the impression that the new song the kids are listening to is controlling their minds. Charlie is the only one to dislike it.

125px-Picnotav "Sex is in the Air" 2nd December 2012 107 7

The school has a Christmas prom; Kynan has to deal with a girls crsuh on him; Emily's parents try to explain sex to Emily.

125px-Picnotav "Best Female Friend" 9th December 2012 108 8

Emily tries to become friends with Eddie; Charlie tries to find out what is so special about the staff room at school.

125px-Picnotav "Selling Out" 16th December 2012 110 9

Tyler is signed up for a record deal in L.A., so he, Ben, Charlie and Kynan go to Charlie's uncle's house.

125px-Picnotav "Best Christmas Special Ever" 23rd December 2012 113 10

The new christmas special of How I Met Your Mother is airing; Ben finds Christmas stupid but learns it's true meaning a la after-school special.

125px-Picnotav "Period Pains" 30th December 2012 109 11

Emily reaches puberty and her first period arrives; the boys try to find something to do on Christmas break.

125px-Picnotav "Wish You Were Here" 6th January 2013 111 12

Tyler tries to achieve his long list of New Years Resolutions; Ben is worried about his grandmother visiting.

125px-Picnotav "Rape and Juliet" 13th January 2013 112 13

A rapist that Emily jailed escapes from the local prison; the entire 6th Grade is supposed to put on a play.

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