[The episode starts with Tyler and his mother going inside Principal McPhee's office.]
Principal McPhee: Thanks for cooming, Miss Clarkson.
Miss Clarkson: That's alright. [she looks over at her son, who is huffing in his chair]
Tyler: Look, whatever I did, it wasn't me.
Principal McPhee: No it's noothing like that, boy. It's just that, well, your son, I'm afraid he has failed almost every class at the school. It's very serious. Almost as serious as boollying.
Miss Clarkson: [looks shocked] Wait, you can't possibly be serious?
Principal McPhee: Sadly, there's no way he will be able to catch up on every class now. Unless... [he taps his chin]
Miss Clarkson: Unless what?
Principal McPhee: Your child could earn it all back by extra credit. However, earning extra credit is no easy task, I'm afraid. He'll have to journey to... [he looks out of a window and stares off into the sky] The Foorbidden Temple of Hui Sang.
Tyler: [confused] ...What the donkey shit is Hui Sang?
Principal McPhee: The temple of our taekwando instructor, Sensei Hing Bing Ting. He takes taekwando very seriously.
Tyler: ...Fuck that. I'm not learning some karate crap from some jap!